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See Peter Reinhart's Workshop at
the 2010 Asheville Bread Festival

Peter Reinhart conducted a workshop for about 90 people at the AB Tech school on Marh 20th, 2010. It was 90 minutes and I have edited it to 60 minutes. It is a bit long but quite interesting. See the video by clicking here.


Forum and Gallery Available

With Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day in full release the original mission of the pages to support the recipe development is over. Recently Peter asked if we can use the pages to support the readers questions and comments. To that end we are redeploying both the forum and the gallery. You don't have to be a recipe tester to enjoy these sites.


The Forum


We are relaunching the forum to include five new boards! You don't have to join to read postings but please feel free, as a reader of Peter's books to join and post your questions and comments. Best of all, Peter has commited to answering your questions once a week on the forum.

In Baker to Baker you can share your experience with other bakers who use Peter's books and methods. If you've encountered challenges with the recipes or have tips and tricks to share this is the place to do it.

In Questions about bread as metaphor you can ask peter directly about his philosophy of bread as a metaphor for life, death and resesurection.

In Questions about recipes you can ask Peter about a particular recipe. The original site was built around the exchange of ideas about these recipes. Those boards are still available for your review. To ask Peter about any recipe in the new book, ask it here.

In questions about technique you can discuss techniques that important to your baking.

In Questions about books you can ask Peter about any of the books he has published in the past.


Please feel free to drop me a personal message in the forum with your suggestion(s).  You can also reach me at

The Gallery


In the gallery participants have added over 580 photos in 30 albums and 143 people have left comments.  There have been over 15000 times that photographs were viewed.  This is real knowledge sharing.  The photos tell the tale of our successes, methods, friends and our group.  Please continue to contribute!  Post a BIO if you choose, there are four there to start.  It’s always nice to know what our peers look like and how they came to this love of bread making.


To add photographs to the gallery you'll need to register.  Just below the title of the gallery are four options:


Home * Register * FAQ* Login


 Click on the word register and you will be presented with the terms of use of the gallery.  After you click the 'I agree' button a form appears.  You must enter three pieces of information: your desired username, your password (twice) and your email address.  While it is possible to use your email address as a username, as in some other websites, this is not a good idea.  Your username will appear below any photographs you place on the website.  Keeping your email address less visible is better.  You can also add some additional information about yourself if you like, but this is optional.


Once you click "submit registration" your username is created.  Click * Login * on the top line to get access.  Enter your username and password.   If you check the box labeled 'remember me' you won't have to log in from the computer you started your membership with.  If you use another computer (say at the library) the username and password will be needed, so write it down and keep it in a safe place.  If you loose your password there is a place to click on the login screen to have it sent to your email address.


Adding pictures to the gallery is not too complicated.  There is a size restriction on the photos you may want to upload, about 1024 K.  This is the size of digital camera picture set to produce a 4x6  print.  It will vary from camera to camera.  If your picture is too big to upload it will need to be resized.  This can probably be done with the software that came with your camera.  If you need help with this email including a phone number and a best time to call.


After a successful login the top menu line changes to:


Home * Memberlist * My Profile * Upload file * FAQ * Logout [your username]


Click on * Upload File * and it is possible to place up to five pictures in a session.   There is a browse button to help you find the photographs on your PC or Mac.  Navigate to a picture you want to share, highlight it and click open.  Repeat the process and once you are finished selecting pictures click "continue."  There is one more step.  The screen will change to say the picture(s) were uploaded successfully and a continue button appears.  Click "continue" to display a small version of the first picture and a drop down to select the album.  Select the appropriate album from the drop down box, then give the picture a title and a description.  A few keywords may help others find your picture.  Next, click the continue button to send the photo to the gallery in the album you selected.  You can't really hurt anything, so don't be afraid to experiment.  If you think you made a mistake, email Mark to get a misguided posting placed in the correct album or deleted. 




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