Now Available! Make chewy crusted ciabatta with generous irregular holes that sops up herbed oil or butter.

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The Ciabatta loaf is a chewy crusted rustic bread. You'll need a baking stone and a steamer in your oven. The steamer can be a cast iron skillet from a garage sale filled with lava rock, personally I use a cast iron roasting pan and believe me it makes lots of steam! To use the steamer you'll need to practice the rythm of getting steam and dough in the oven. The DVD covers all of that and more. You'll even see how to reduce the risk of oven glass damage that can happend if water gets on a very hot oven door. See and read the story of cracked oven glass at the Spaghettipie Blog!

Ciabatta at home the latest in our series and is scheduled for release at the end of March 09. In the meantime enjoy this clip that is extracted from the production.

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