Bagels -probably better than you've every had before - right from your oven! One of many wonderful bread products made from Poolish.

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In many ways, my journey to create excellent bread with home equipment began with bagels. I remember wanting to make bagels when I was in college and being told it was just too difficult. That was in 1969 and it took another 30+ years before I revisited the idea. What I found was that it isn't as simple as a sandwich loaf but it is quite within range of most home cooks.

Bagels at Home was my first DVD and still the most popular. If you've ever tasted a fresh bagel from an east coast bagel shop, but can't find one in your home town this DVD is for you. I've shipped Bagels at Home as far away as Bavaria and Thailand to help Americans who are home sick for that chewy flavorful taste of their youth.

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